Set of Calibration & Alignment Tapes for NAKAMICHI deck

Set of Calibration & Alignment Tapes for NAKAMICHI deck

Set of Calibration & Alignment Tapes for NAKAMICHI deck

Set of Calibration & Alignment Tapes for NAKAMICHI deck. Now includes a Test Tone calibration set for free!

Thank you for the opportunity of being of service, and present to you this fabulous set of calibration tapes. These Calibration Tapes have been around over 13 years! You need to google me up, by searching for the keywords "Nakamichi" and "luis", and you should be able to find my page NAKS in the domain es. These are the tapes you have heard about: You think your Nakamichi Tape Deck is misaligned.

But you are not too sure. You need a reference, but cant get hold of one. You cant find original Nakamichi Calibration tapes. Sending your deck for service is quite expensive, and you are pretty sure you can do a basic alignment.

I make the next best thing to the (expensive and unavailable) original Nakamichi test alignment tapes, using my set of originals and my Nakamichi T-100 Audio Analyzer, Fluke true RMS meters, Tektronix quad channel oscilloscope, and Leader distorsion and wow & flutter meter, plus my long experience in the world of Nakamichi Cassette Decks, and analog audio, including all kinds of repairs and adjustments services. Please do not hesitate to visit our main Namakichi site at : Google it up! A quick head alignment is easy provided you have the minimum skills. (Google up nakamichi calibration frequently asked questions).

These are made to order on my CR7, ZX9 and Dragon decks, making sure the decks are spot on before hand. These decks are regularly calibrated using all needed calibration tapes and gauges. Only then, I make a set of tapes that work just like the originals, and render the deck to the same alignment position as the originals.

More details if you google my website up. The two tapes are made as follows: Tape 1 : C10 EX (Type I) tape. Side A : Level 400Hz 0dB, 200mW/m flux density Side B : Speed, Wow and flutter 3KHz -5dB below 200nW/m. Tape 2: C10 EX (Type I) tape.

Side A : Track alignment 1Khz 0dB, 200nW/m Side B : Azimuth 15KHz -20dB below 200nW/m. They are not Nakamichi originals, but definitively quite as good , and certainly excellent for bringing back to life miss-aligned decks. Read customer's feedback hereunder! Is this all I need to calibrate my deck?

At least a Digital Multimeter, and service manual for your deck. The calibration manual I provide (Google up "nak calibration tutorial ") can serve you as a guide only. I can also provide an electronic copy of the Service Manual for most decks.

Please bear in mind this is not a product provided in this sale, only a service to my customers. What if it doesn't work for me? The tapes do work for you and everyone else.

Other than this, I can take your deck for service. Are this tapes good for my cassette deck brand X? Track alignment (1KHz) and azimuth (15KHz) are common to the cassette standard, so they will be good. 3KHz speed cassette is good too, because speed is also a standar.

400Hz level tape may not suit your brand X, as this a Nakamichi standard. For example, Yamaha decks use a different level reference, so this one should not be used on Yamahas. Are these tapes full track? No, they are 2 track recordings.

Is the 1Khz tape an intra-track recording like the Nakamichi original? It is a 2 track recording - this is why you need to look for maximum output, not minimum.

Can I pick them up? You are welcome to pick them up in Madrid. Other courier express methods available on request.

Please note: Even though it has not yet happened, I shall not (never ever) be liable for items lost in post. When will my tapes arrive? Tapes are made to order. Parcels then usually reach Western Europe within a week, rest of Europe in about 10 days, and rest of the world before 2 weeks.

Your mileage may (will) vary. What's in the package? Two alignement cassettes, and a measured performance document. I will provide a download link for a set of calibration test tones, in Apple Lossless format (ALC). Please use iTunes to import these tones and record your own CD, or use your iPod.

Please find the download link at the end of the performance doc. I would also need a set of belts / parts, and a Service Manual for my deck. Yes, I can sometimes source belts for your deck, and other parts. Should you need a Service Manual, I can provide an electronic copy of the Service Manual for most decks - not all. This is not a product provided in this sale, only a service to my customers. I see a lot of gear, decks and more on the pictures. Are they included in the sale? Scopes, decks, gauges, original calibration tapes, or any other gear or goods are NOT INCLUDED in this sale.

Refer to What's in the package? I have several other questions regarding my cassette deck.

I will gladly try to help, or redirect your questions to the appropriate forums and mailing lists. Some of the most common Nakamichi Cassette Decks' problems an solutions, can be found in my Nakamichi pages, at my web page. I can't hear anything recorded on the 15KHz tape!

Is probably way off, so no signal is read - or heard. Besides, if you see the meters moving but still can't hear the tone, it could be you simply can't hear up to 15KHz - something that happens after a certain age.

Just one time, the tapes were damaged while in transit. Excellent tapes, as good as the originals. Quick to respond and helpful! Alignment tapes work out great, did get the job done.

High quality and useful product. "Good item, well packed , quickly delivered; thank you very much for your service+". Producto tal y como lo describe. A must have if you have a Nakamichi cassette deck!!!! "Cassette e cd test come da descrizione".

And finally, see what satisfied customers have to say! Thanks ever so much for your quick and good advice. I really look forward to working with my Nakamichis and your tapes. Thanks again, and no wonder you get so many good reviews. From Bala Ganesh, Feb 23rd 2010.

The tapes are quite good and the next best thing to the original tapes. A number of us are using his tapes for referencing our equipment.

From Pär Ericsson, Feb 23rd 2010. I bought a set to replace my old original tapes and they work without remark!

28th 2007: Hi Luis, At present, after all adjustments have been done, I would like too share my experience with you and all other nak lovers : After purphasing nak 628zx in great technical and optical condition, I soon found out that all recorded tapes were sound terrible on all other decks (nakamichi, non nakamichi and even car decks). I was despairly search for the solution on the net, and at the end found Luis. I ordered immediately test tapes from Luis and calibrated my nak following his test-cal instructions. Especially I must emphasize Luis`s full cooperation at all time.

Thank`s Luis for your support. Best regards Tadej Marinko - From Dan Barham, July 27st 2007: Hi Luis, I bought a set of your cal tapes a while back and they are awesome! Since then, I've also managed to acquire a few genuine Teac test tapes...

After setting the PB azimuth with your alignment tape and my Tektronix oscilloscope , I compared the setting to a genuine Teac 14kHz azimuth tape and also a 6kHz head alignment tape and they all matched exactly. Good job on those tapes! You really are providing a valuable service to us do-it-yourself Nakkers who can't get original Nak tapes. Warmest regards, Dan Barham - Again from Tim Skorick, March 24st 2007: I just adjusted yet another deck with Luis' tapes (my other 582) and it sounds fantastic.

Whether or not it's precisely what the Nak originals would do or not is irrelevant when these decks now sound better than they have since I've owned them. Tim - From Tim Skorick, March 2nd 2007: So after a few weeks of taking care of other urgent matters, I finally got around to the adjustment on my RX-202. Normally I work on older model Naks, this was the first of the RX series I'd worked on, and I have to say it was a bit of a pain. In any event, using Luis' excellent calibration tapes, I found that VR101 and VR201 needed. 2 turns counter-clockwise, and the R/P head needed. 125 turns clockwise to hit the proper levels on my old-ass RCA VTVM and sound perfect again. The RX-202 lacks a lot of the easily-accessible adjustment avenues that other Naks have, and I don't know that it even has a head height adjustment option, so Luis' tapes were a lifesaver.

Tim - From Bob Naylor, Dec. 21st 2006: Good morning Nak-ers, This is concerning Luis' alignment tapes.

I bought a set from Luis. On 6 tape decks, 2 MR1's, cassette deck 1, cassette deck 1.5, cassette deck 2, and a cheapie Sony, I could not hear anything on the 15Khz tape on all decks. Luis sent me another tape just in case there was a problem with the first one. Well It was my mistake.

Once I got the azimuth adjusted on the "cassette deck 1", the tone was there! That's the only deck of these 6 that has an external azimuth adjustment and the only deck I could hear the tone (after using the external adjustment). My point here is that Luis was a great help in helping me with this and was very generous in sending me another, half way across the planet! Thank you very much Luis! Bob - From Adrian Finn, November 11th, 2006: hi all. Just wanted to put out a public thank you to luis for his calibration tapes.. My Nak collection has been slowly growing, I now have an orange cap. I used the calibration tapes on my 480 which was going to sit in for my 680 while I tried to replace all the orange caps... I managed to go through about 60% of the service manual's electrical adjustments so far... I'm going to do the last ones when I get my new cam motor belt... Even though I'm quite new to this and don't have much electronics experience I'm really pleased and surprised by the results I've obtained so far.. My 480 sounds like a different machine, not as good as my 680 but really enjoyable.. I've been listening to tapes all day on it.. I've actually started to quite like the funny way the transport keys lock down.. I know without all the transport gauges and some of the more specialised test gear I'll never be 100% sure of getting all the calibration correct but I'd definitely recommend these tapes for anyone with a few DIY skills and an interest in getting their Nak's to sound as good as they can.. Thanks again to Luis and this list! Adrian One final Note: Once your item arrives in satisfactory condition, please leave feedback for me. I will do the same for you. Until then, there is always a chance that my customer is not happy.

In that case, I want every opportunity to rectify things before feedback is left. Thanks again for looking, and best regards. _gsrx_vers_308 GS 5.3.7 (308). The item "Set of Calibration & Alignment Tapes for NAKAMICHI deck" is in sale since Saturday, September 19, 2009. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\TV, Video & Home Audio\Home Audio\Home Audio Components\Cassette Tape Decks".

The seller is "lperoma" and is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Set of Calibration & Alignment Tapes for NAKAMICHI deck

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