Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi

Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi
Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi
Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi
Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi

Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi
We're pleased to introduce to the BMW N54 community the (775RS). We were the first to design & build these turbos in 2016. These units are built from the ground up utilizing newly designed castings (No Cores Needed). These turbos were designed to give you all the benefits of a TD04L Turbocharger while maintaining everything you love about the OEM turbochargers. The end result is a set of turbochargers that spool/respond like the OEM turbochargers but don't run out of steam at 5400 rpms like the OEM units. These turbochargers make power from the second you hit the throttle at any Rpm point thank to some of these special features Listed Below. This is exactly what makes cars fast "Average Power Through a broad range of rpms not peak power through a narrow rpm range" we have proven this time & time again...

We hold the Awd record with this set in the 1/4 mile & the highest Mph in a full weight 335i Sedan weighing in just under 4000lbs with driver on 19ss at 24psi.. TD04L 9 Blade Ultra Flow Inconel Turbine Wheel (30% More Blade Surface Area Than The 11 & 12 Blade Wheel). 11 Blade Ultra Flow Garrett GTX 2 Billet Compressor Wheel With Extended Tip Technology. OEM Wastegate Actuators with Updated Thicker Rod, Billet End Link & Upgraded Billet Wastegate Pivot Arm Assembly.

Upgraded Dual Oil Port Thrust Assembly Machined From Copper Bar. Upgraded Thrust Collar & Spacer (14mm vs 10mm). Component Balanced, Dynamic Balanced Than Vsr Balanced Using a State Of The Art Balancing Machine, Avg 0.5mg Or Less. Upgraded 2" Compressor Cover Inlets (2" Silicone Inlets Required). Our #1 goal is for you to have a very successful build so we're listing a few important things you should have in place & look out for when upgrading turbochargers "this isn't everything" but is some of the most important things to ensure a successful build.

There are some key things you can do to drastically minimize wear on your turbochargers & the main thing is an exhaust. No part of the oem exhaust should be used for numerous reasons "the main reason is extreme back pressure do to the very small tube diameter & poor overall design" this will ultimately destroy the thrust assembly on your turbochargers resulting in a premature failure. Even if you have the "BMW Performance Exhaust" it will do you no good as that setup is identical to the regular 335i except the mufflers "the absolute least important part of the exhaust system is the mufflers".

Recommended Exhaust for the 335i. Recommended 535i/Xi The 535i/Xi is by far the worst exhaust we've seen to date which is shocking as we didn't think it could get worse over the 335i & 135i. This exhaust is smashed to well under 1 inch in 2 spots on both the front & rear turbo. The only option I can find is this exhaust below along with the resonator delete that will need to be made from the down pipes to the new exhaust than you will have a full 2.5 exhaust. Silicone inlets Very common for people & shops to kink or smash the rear silicone inlet when doing the installation.

This will lead to a turbo failure every time. I would double check this when picking your car up. Oil Return Lines & Oil Feed Lines There should be no kinks in the oil return lines if so expect oil to back up in the bearing housings & exit the exhaust side. Oil feed lines should be new. Recommended Air Filters Very important that you use the largest free flowing air filters.

If the turbochargers can't properly breathe you will risk having a potential failure.. If you have relocated filters replace them with something larger those filters are far to small. We just tested these at the proper industry standards & they flow 435cfm which is a safe choice. If you can fit these great "some say yes & others say no room"..

A restricted, dirty or too small of a filter can & will destroy turbos. Bov spring or Diverter Valve Should not exceed 8-9lbs or you will risk damage to the turbos. There is absolutely zero reason to ever use a stiffer spring on the N54.

8lbs is the perfect size spring. Not having a properly functioning Bov can cause surge every time you lift your foot of the gas pedal which in return will lead into extreme thrust wear. The Tial & Turbosmart valves come with a stiff spring so you will need to have it changed to an 8lb spring don't go by what they advertise as we've measured their 10lb spring & it was 11.5lbs. Other valves out there also come with a stiff spring "if not all of them" so make sure you have an 8lb spring. Also you need a 1/4 inch vac line that is not teed off "it needs to be it's own line coming straight from the intake manifold to the Bov" there's a few easy spots to tap a vac reference line on the oem intake manifold. Very easy to do & should always be done. Tial Website TiAL BOV's need a 1/4 inner diameter DIRECT source to the manifold. Smaller lines and T's can cause delays in response time. SPRING PRESSURES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH BOOST; ONLY VACUUM. No Group 3 or 4 Oils (USA Oils) like the following Liqui Moly / Castrol / Pennsoil / Royal Purple / Rotella / or equivalent / No Diesel Oils. These oils shouldn't be used in high boost applications or in prolong boost situations like in road racing or half mile runs etc. The USA version of these oil's aren't of the same quality found in Europe. Oils Group V/5 (0 or 5/40W Oils only) Best Choices or Amsoil Signature Series / Redline Euro / Redline High Performance / Motul Sport (Certain Race oils as well).. Oem Oil Filters or Mann only. Proper Ventilation System Upgraded PCV & Catch Can should be installed. Custom Tuning Required There Is No Off The Shelf Tune "if you run an OFT like the Mhd Stage 2+ expect a turbo/turbos to eventually fail as you will have throttle body closure issues" this is your responsibility to have all the necessary things in place when building a high performance car. Spark Plugs 1 heat range colder gapped at. 22 At some point 2 heat range colder with a tighter gap maybe required for guys running upgraded coils etc.

Recommended Tuners Wedge Performance David Shoup. With these cars getting cheaper and cheaper there are more people doing installs themselves & we're seeing a lot of errors.

Boost solenoids hooked up backwards which will 110% result into an over spun turbo/turbos, kinked/smashed rear inlet, drain lines kinked, vacuum lines hooked up wrong, vac line cracked & the list goes on "all these errors will result into a problem with the turbos". At the end of the day it's the end users sole responsibility to make sure that they have all proper hardware in place etc, proper/qualified installer, qualified tuner which there is only a few that we've found suitable & that a properly maintained vehicle that can except this kind of power. As these cars become cheaper you will find them ill maintained at best. In 15 years we have never seen a turbo failure that couldn't be avoided.

In the handful of cases over the years "all of them could have been avoided"... We're seeing more & more tunes that are causing issues that can lead to turbo failures. There's a reason why we only list 2 tuners. Tuning that can lead to problems This should be your responsibility along with your tuner "to give/get a safe/proper tune based on the supporting mods/hardware on your car".

Not pointing at 1 specific tuner as there's many that are doing this "just giving the customer a very aggressive boost level/tune when the car is lacking the proper supporting hardware". Giving the customer whatever they want regardless what mods are/aren't on the car or based on wastegate duty cycle alone etc.

This isn't our responsibility but we try our best to emphasize all the above. PLEASE TRY TO LIMIT THE BURBLE FEATURE OR DISABLE IT. The federal government and certain states have various laws that may prohibit the removal and/or modification of any part of the emissions systems on street driven vehicles. The purchaser assumes all responsibilities and liabilities as to how and where the product is used.

In addition, Dynamic Autowerx will not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damages to any part of the engine or vehicle, caused by the use of Dynamic autowerx products. Dynamic Autowerx cannot control how these products are used, or under what conditions they are used, or what applications they are used for, and therefore, will not be held responsible or liable in any way, shape or form, for any damages, monetary or otherwise, that could conceivably be caused by the products use. In most cases the oem exhaust even when modified is not adequate & will result in a premature failure.

Please read turbocharger trouble guide in order to ensure the reason for failure of the previous turbocharger has been eradicated before fitment of the replacement unit. All other liabilities such as indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profit) are expressly excluded. It is vital that the turbocharger is fitted correctly. Please follow all vehicle manufactures instructions as well as the removing and refitting a turbocharger is a relatively simple task but should not be attempted by anyone without the necessary experience or expertise to do so.

Dynamic Autowerx insist that his or her turbochargers are fitted by someone possessing the knowledge to do so correctly. Incorrect fitting, poor engine condition or maintenance, insufficient or incorrect air or oil filtration or signs of lack of lubrication will all lead to a claim being rejected. This is usually a very good indicator as to the reason for any turbochargers premature failure.

An independent engineers report may be recommended in the event of a claim remaining unresolved. The item "Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi" is in sale since Friday, September 27, 2019. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts\Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers\Turbo Chargers & Parts". The seller is "dynamicautowerx" and is located in New Baltimore, Michigan.

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Dynamic Autowerx BMW N54 (775RS) TD04L 17.5t Upgrade Turbo Set 335i, 335xi

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